Councilman organizes 'roundtable' meetings to discuss budget proposal

Steve Glover has scheduled meetings for Saturday and Sunday at his 1101 Kermit Drive office More

Register to Metro Council: Higher teacher pay would send 'clear message'

Raising starting teacher salaries by about $5K has emerged as one focal point of Dean’s proposed $1.71B budget   More

Police chief: Laying off 200 officers would be 'devastating'

Department would lose 50 officers from federal grant and be forced to pay back $7.5M More

Dean proposes 53-cent property tax hike in State of Metro address

The 53-cent increase on assessed property would be the first such increase in seven years More

Metro’s first-ever fairgrounds subsidy key to facility’s future

Fair director estimates reserve funds could dry up by next year More

Councilwoman calls for audit of city’s automobile fleet

Barry says waste and overlap should be eliminated More

Council approves mayor's $1.52B budget

Average cut for each Metro department is 1.4 percent. More

School board reaffirms decision to outsource custodians

Second vote set terms of health benefits, retirement plans More

Funding wouldn't change decision to outsource custodians, Register says

Privatizing 600-plus jobs as much philosophical as financial, superintendent says More

Council votes to restructure city’s debt

Approach will push back debt repayment, free up cash for this year’s budget More
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